Kirov Windrift Flying Ace O'Tahoe, JC, SC

Sire: CH Kachina Valeska Dream Dancer SC  "Cheyenne"

Dam: GCH Kirov Embrujada JC RN FCH CC CM ROM   "Emmy"

Born July 29, 2015            pedigree  

White male with black & tan spots.          AKC registration HP49909005    

BZ-DM1276/15M-PI-CAR           BZ-EYE418/14M-PI           

BZ-CA1431/14M/C-PI-ECHO         BZ-TH921/16M-VPI    CHIC #118258

Breeders: Barbara Ewing (Kirov) & Nancy Reimer (Windrift).      Owners:  Steve & KC Artley.

  Ace's littermates:  Dawn,  Michael,  Harper,  Sophie,  Zephyr

Ace and Dawn moved from New Mexico to our home at 12 weeks of age (puppy pictures at bottom of page). 

coursing photos by Joe Stewart

In April 2017, Ace ran in four AKC coursing trials, earning his Senior Courser title.  Ace also won a first place to go with his 32 points towards his ASFA Field Championship.  May 7, Ace wins his first point in AKC coursing.  August 20, Ace wins his second first placement in ASFA.  September 3, Ace won his third first placement.  As of December 17, Ace has 76 ASFA points and four first placements.

In the fall 2016, Ace started lure coursing.  He earned his Junior Courser title, and passed the certification tests to compete in the open stake at AKC and to compete at ASFA trials.  In 3 ASFA trials he earned 18 points.

Ace won his 4th conformation point, August 20, 2016 from the 12 - 18 month class.  Ace won 2 points from the puppy class over adult competition July 3, 2016.  Ace earned his first point in conformation at his first all-breed show, April 30, 2016.  His first confirmation show was the Borzoi National where Ace placed 2nd in the 6 - 9 month male Futurity class of 7 males, and enjoyed meeting lots of people and dogs.

      2 years old

                  1 year old

8 month old Ace at the BCOA Specialty with Futurity judge Veni Harlan.   "Photos by Elaine"

7 months old, Ace and Dawn like their big new crates

   6 months

5 months

4 months old, sharing the living room couch with Rachel

4 months old, in the frosty yard

15 weeks old, a visit with brother Zephyr

14 week old, in their 4 foot x-pen that surrounds their beds, due to Dawn's ability to climb over a 3 foot gate.

Pictured at 13 weeks


2 years old

1 year old

8 month old Ace at the 2016 BCOA specialty.  Photo by Rebecca Neal

photo by Rebecca Neal

6 months with new toy

5 months old, sitting faster than 1 year old Joe

21 weeks old

16 weeks

16 weeks old, checking out the field fence

16 weeks old, playing tug in the dining room

16 weeks old, still small enough to share a crate

13 weeks

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