The following is a list of Borzoi pictured on this web site:


Borzoi Living At Tahoe Farm

 GCH & CH Aruzia Bright Moon Over Tahoe CGC JC SC RN RA BN CD  "Clint"

CH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey To Tahoe  CGC, JC, SC, RN, BN   "Joe"

Kirov Windrift Fly Above Tahoe JC, SC "Dawn"

Kirov Windrift Flying Ace O'Tahoe JC SC

CH Windrift Elizabeth At Tahoe CGC BN RN RA RE JC SC

Windrift Like The Odds At Tahoe "Gwen"

Windrift Longshot At Tahoe "George"

CH Windrift Tahoe Cassandra JC SC

CH Windrift Tahoe Catch A Star CGC RN BN CD   "Rachel"

GCH & CH Windrift Tahoe Chase The Dream CGC JC SC BN RN  "Skip" 

CH Windrift Tahoe Cool Luke JC RN


Other Borzoi Bred by Tahoe

CH Chihawk Windrift Gilded  Lily JC SC 

CH Chihawk Windrift Sir Liam JC

Kool Kassidy Of Tahoe Farm FCH   "Butch"

CH Regency's Sunrise Off Tahoe  "Sunny"

Am/Can CH Tahoe's Belle O'Chihawk JC ROM   

CH Tahoe's Bet On Gold CGC JC SC FCH   "Bertha"

FC Tahoe's Bianca JC SC

CH Tahoe's Bohemian Gypsy JC SC FCH NAJ

DC Tahoe's Bold Bidder JC SC FCH ROM    "Harrison"

Tahoe's Brite Chihawk Rose JC SC

Tahoe's Bronze Talisman JC    "Haiku"

CH Tahoe's Count Lothario JC SC     "Rio"

Tahoe's Dance For Joy JC      "Amber"

Tahoe's Farrah Of Backgammon CC CM

DC Tahoe's Heidi Havoc JC SC MC LCX FCH 

DC Tahoe's High Bidder JC SC FCH VFCH ROM        "Edward"

CH Tahoe's Hit The Jackpot JC SC FCH VFCH     "Hank"

Tahoe's Hot Streak CGC BN RN RA RE JC SC FCH LCM      "Emma"

Tahoe's Kaffia Lauren

CH Tahoe's Kandace Kate CD FCH ROM   

CH Tahoe's Kasino Spirit FCH    "Adam"

Tahoe's Kodiak Kidd FCH   "Billy"

Tahoe's Korrine Saird FCH LCM

Tahoe's Maximillian of Skye

Tahoe's Sarena FCH

CH Tahoe's Lady Leia

CH Tahoe's Misty Moon Light

CH Tahoe's Molly Malone JC SC FCH

Am/Can CH Tahoe's Moonstruck Cher JC SC FCH

CH Tahoe's Muriel Of Glengate JC SC FCH LCM

CH Tahoe's Murphy Brown JC SC FCH

CH Tahoe's Mystic Megan

Tahoe's Rafiki Of Glengate SC FCH LCM

Tahoe's Ranger Of Backgammon

Tahoe's Rare Chance CD    "Ivan"

Tahoe's Rebel With A Cause JC SC   "Fred"

DC Tahoe's Red Sun Rising SC FCH   "Jimbo"

Tahoe's Rimfire     "Rusty"

Tahoe's Rustic Charm SC FCH LCM   "Becky"

Tahoe's Tail Wind   "Higgins"

Tahoe's Tall Tale Of Glengate CD  "Zaphod"

Am/Can CH Tahoe's Tom Terrific SC FCH LCM ROMX

Tahoe's Trace Of Gold FCH LCM

Tahoe's Triple Finesse FCH   "Missy"

CH Tahoe's True Spirit     "Charcoal"

CH Tahoe Windrift Heirloom     "Claire"

CH Windrift Chihawk Gem O'Tahoe JC SC CGC RN RA     "Diamond"

DC Windrift Chihawk Nymphet JC SC MC LCX FCH ROM    "ET"

Windrift Tahoe Call Me Irresistible        "Roxie"

Windrift Tahoe Call Me Willoughby

CH Windrift Tahoe Celebration RN JC SC MC FCH   "Gala"

GCH & DC Windrift Tahoe Chances Are JC SC FCH ROM-C  "Chance"

FC Windrift Tahoe Comic Relief JC SC MC FCH "Hope"

CH Windrift Tahoe Crown Royal CGC   "Roy"

Windrift Tahoe Pistol Pete JC SC

CH Windrift Tahoe Polar Storm JC SC FCH

DC Windrift Tahoe Priscilla JC SC MC FCH


     Borzoi Bred by Others

CH Andvell Cesare Borgia ROM

GCH & DC Aria's Aramon At Tahoe CD BN JC SC CGC  RN RA RE FCH   "Maverick"

Aria's Corinth At Windrift JC RN   "Cori"

CH Aruzia Joyous Nitefire Dance CGC RN JC     "Tigger"

CH Aruzia Tahoe Citation JC     "JR"

CH Backgammon's Elsa of Casino CC CM

Backgammon's Casino Everett CD FCH CC CM

Backgammon's Jaime of Casino FCH CC CM

Borscana Kristiania

Casino's Baccarat CD

Am/Can CH Casino's Gigolo Siegfried Am/Can CD     "Zig"

Casino's Tahoe Dream CD     "Cora"

CH Casino's Tahoe Finesse CD ROM

CH Echovesna's Butterfingers

CH Echovesna's Haute Couture ROM-C

CH Fox Run's Ivy League 

CH Kirov Aimee Duet Of Zarrob JC FCH ROM

Kirov Dawn's First Light  "Gen"

GCH Kirov Let The Sunshine In

Kirov Maggie Mae

Kirov Penumbra "Shady"

Kirov Tahoe Emily JC SC

Kirov Trip Around The Sun, CGC "Lazer"

DC Kirov Windrift Fire & Rain JC SC MC FCH ROMX

Kirov Windrift Twilight Glow JC

CH Metta Arabella Of Regency FCH ROMX

CH Odyssey R And B Of The Wild Hunt  "Whitney"

CH Regency's Royal Flush

Regency's Tahoe Marci JC SC

CH Regency's Tahoe Morgan

CH Reggae's Chenin Blanc

CH Reggae's Kijafa O'Royal Mile FCH    

CH Reggae's Tahoe Amelia SC FCH   

Am/Can CH Reggae's Tahoe Barbera Drew SC FCH

Reggae's Tahoe Flashback JC SC

Reggae's Tahoe Gray Riesling SC FCH "Gus"

DC Royal Mile's Bette Midler SC FCH LCM     "Stella"

CH Royal Mile's Class Act JC SC "Freckles"

CH Royal Mile's Cover Girl JC SC ROM "Brooke"

Royal Mile's East Star O'Tahoe JC SC FCH

Royal Mile's Ellymay O'Tahoe JC SC    

CH Rusalka Daydreamer of Tahoe "Terra"

CH Sirhan Pushkina II ROM-C

FC Tamarzi Tahoe Fallon JC SC MC FCH 

Tahoe Backgammon Ghost Dance FCH LCM 

CH Tahoe Backgammon Legacy FCH LCM ROM-P     "Sue"

CH Windrift Aregal Pendragon FCH ROM

DC Windrift Believe In Magic JC SC FCH ROMX

DC Windrift Bound For Glory JC SC   ROM-C

FC Windrift Edge Of Night JC MC LCX FCH

DC Windrift Hungry Eyes JC MC FCH "Rascal"

GCH Windrift Katlyn Of Pineoaks

CH Windrift Kindred Spirit ROMX

CH Windrift Need You Tonight JC "Bella"

CH Windrift On Your Mark JC ROM

CH Windrift Phantom JC SC

CH Windrift Tahoe Obsidian JC

DC Windrift Tahoe Ode To Joy JC SC MC FCH ROM    

CH Windrift Undercover Agent JC "Bond"

GCH Windrift Uptown Girl JC "Christy"

GCH Windrift Wild Accusations JC "Buzz"

CH Wolfwind Raindon Reggae CD FCH LCM2 ROMX

Am/Can CH Zenovia Avante Garde Of Echovesna

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