Kirov Windrift Fly Above Tahoe, JC, SC, RN

Sire: CH Kachina Valeska Dream Dancer SC  "Cheyenne"

Dam: GCH Kirov Embrujada JC RN FCH CC CM ROM  "Emmy"

Born July 29, 2015           pedigree

Black Female with white & tan trim.          AKC registration HP49909003        

BZ-DM1275/15F-PI   (tested DM clear)        BZ-EYE417/14F-PI      BZ-CA1430/14F/C-PI-ECHO

Breeders: Barbara Ewing (Kirov) & Nancy Reimer (Windrift).      Owner:  KC Artley

 Dawn's littermates:    Ace,  Michael,  Harper,  Sophie,  Zephyr


The "Flying" Dawn      photo by Mary Huff, Tails In Design

February 18, 2018, Dawn finishes her Rally Novice (RN) title with a score of 92.

June 3, 2017, Dawn wins first place for a 3 point major at the Northcoast AKC trial, giving her a total of 8 points, 2 majors, plus earning her third SC leg.  June 30, Dawn won her first point in conformation.  July 14, she earns her first Rally Novice leg with a 93 score.  August 19, Dawn wins her fourth first placement in ASFA (in 4 trials).  In September, Dawn competes in 4 more ASFA trials for 2 firsts and 2 ties (forfeited to second placements).  She now has 80 ASFA points.  October 6, Dawn wins a 3 point major in AKC coursing, by winning first out of 7 borzoi at the Midwest Borzoi Club's specialty trial.  The next two days, she was in a three way tie for third place out of 12 borzoi and out of 10 borzoi at the OKIGO trials, but we forfeited the run-offs.  December 3, she earned her second Rally Novice leg with a 89 score.

photo by Mary Huff, Tails In Design

May 19 2017, at the BCOA specialty, Dawn wins 1st place in the American-Bred class (18 bitches) handled by KC.  Pictured below with judge Helen Lee and trophy holder Lorrie Scott.  Photo by Steve Surfman.

April 1 & 2, 2017, Dawn went to her first two AKC coursing trials, where she won first in the open stake both days for a 3 point major and a 2 point win, plus earned two legs towards her Senior Courser title.

At her first show, the April 2016 Borzoi National specialty, Dawn placed 2nd in the 6 - 9 month female Futurity class of 12 females, and helped her dam win First in the Futurity Brood Bitch class.  In the regular 6 - 9 month class, Dawn made the cut of 6 females in a class of 15.

In the fall, 2016, Dawn earned her Junior Courser title, and passed her ASFA certification test.  In 3 trials, Dawn won three first placements and 36 points towards her ASFA field championship.

          1 year old

     8 month old Dawn at the 2016 BCOA specialty.  Judge Veni Harlan, trophy presenter Joyce Katona.   Photos By Elaine

Judge Veni Harlan, Ariel Duncan with Emmy, Carol Enz with Gerwyn, Barb Ewing with Sophie, KC with Dawn, trophy presenter Joyce Katona. Photos By Elaine,

     At the 2016 BCOA specialty.  Photo by Rebecca Neal.

     At the 2016 BCOA specialty.  Photo by Rebecca Neal.

6 months

   6 months

           5 months old

4 months old Dawn with 1 year old Joe

    4 months old, Dawn needs her own crate

4 months old Dawn and Ace running in the field on a frosty morning

   16 weeks old

15 weeks old, a visit with brother Zephyr

Triple Trouble: 12 week old Dawn, Harper & Ace when they first came to our house, after the long two day drive from New Mexico.



1 year old, and out of coat


10 months

     At the 2016 BCOA specialty.  Photo by Rebecca Neal.

     At the 2016 BCOA specialty.  Photo by Rebecca Neal.

5 months playing tug with Ace in the den

5 months old at my club's training building, first time looking at a mirror

21 weeks old, ears up

4 months, Dawn & Ace playing tug, after getting all the toys out

4 months old, sleeping in a big dog bed

17 weeks, Joe, Ace and Dawn

17 weeks, Dawn showing off her climbing skills

17 weeks old Dawn and Ace have taken over the recliner

16 weeks old

16 weeks sharing the living room couch with Ace

15 weeks and getting too big to be a lap dog

Dawn is pictured at 13 weeks

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