Grand Canyon


April 2014, from Flagstaff, we drove north on route 89, with Humphrey's Peak (12633 feet) to the west.  At the junction of route 64, we turned west following the Little Colorado River in its canyon, which was just north of route 64.  Entered Grand Canyon Park at its East entrance.  First stop Desert View point (7450 feet) and the Watch Tower.  The 70 foot high Tower was built in 1932, designed to look like an ancient Anasazi watch tower.

One could climb 3 stories inside the Watch Tower, see the paintings on the walls, done by a Hopi artist, and look out the windows

Looking through the window northeast towards the Little Colorado River canyon and the Painted Desert beyond

Looking south with snow capped Humphrey's Peak visible

Looking northeast.  People below.  The Colorado River in the distance

A closer view of the Colorado river


looking northwest

Next stop, driving west on Desert View  Drive, we stopped at Navajo Point, highest point on the South Rim at 7461 feet.

Looking northwest, river in the center

Looking north

Continued driving west, stopping at Lipan Point.  View is north.  River is the blue dot in the center

View is northwest

Moran Point.  Looking northwest. Green zig zag line below are trees along a stream.

Last stop for the day at Grand View Point

We spent the night at a hotel in Grand Canyon Village, which has all the restaurants, campgrounds, stores and hotels in the Park.  This is Bright Angel Trail Overlook.

Walking down the Bright Angel Trail in the morning

The Bright Angel Trail ahead going through the hole in the rocks.

Looking down from the Bright Angel Trail

We took Hermit Road which goes west from the Village.  It is not open to cars, just the park buses. One can also walk the rim trail stopping at the various look-out points.  Looking across at Grand Canyon Village and the Bright Angel Trail

Steps down to the overlook of a side canyon.  Hotels of Grand Canyon Village in upper right.

Maricopa Point

Hopi Point.  River visible in the lower right

Mohave Point

The river rapids are visible on the left

Pima Point. We were lucky that both days were clear and sunny, allowing us to see a long ways

See the river rapids in the lower left corner

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