The Douglas Scott Memorial

located on Corry Street & the Miami Trail, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Near the entrance to Glen Helen park, on the Miami bike path,  is a one-of-a-kind bench.  From Corry street, it is a brightly colored, life-sized man with a satchel of books, walking with his borzoi and his cat.  Looking from the bike path side, it is a cool resting bench, showing stalks of bamboo, and a pond with flowers, frogs and bees.  Etched into the tiles, are reminders about a man's life - names of his favorite books, his tennis group, his favorite beer.   It is a memorial from his family, to a long time Yellow Springs resident, Douglas Scott (1918-2008).  The ceramic tile bench was created by Yellow Springs artists, Beth Holyoke and Kaethi Seidl.  They sculpted and fired the ceramic tiles, using a freeze proof clay formula.  The frame was welded from quarter-inch steel.  The structure was moved to its final location, the cement was applied, and finally the tiles.  

Steve with Bertha, standing next to the image of her brother, Tahoe's Bronze Talisman JC

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