Tahoe's Korrine Saird FCH LCM

Sire:  CH Windrift Kindred Spirit  ROMX

Dam:  CH Casino's Tahoe Finesse  CD ROM

Born October 31, 1980

White female with gold-sable spots.          AKC registration HC8553432     Breeder/owner:  Steve Artley 

Saird's success really got us hooked on lure coursing.  Nothing like having a fast winning dog, to convince one to spend weekends lure coursing.  Saird finished her field championship in 4 trials undefeated.  Saird was the #8 borzoi in 1984.  Saird was a fun loving dog, and we greatly enjoyed her companionship.  Her eyes were certified as normal by a specialist in 1983.  Saird died in her sleep October 8, 1991.

Her pedigree

Saird's littermates:

Her littermates:



Photo by Scott Smutko


2 years old


6 months old

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