Borscana Kristiania

Sire: Sw CH Borscana Eurocub  "Cubben"

Dam: No/Sw CH Borscana Sugar Rush  "Candy"

Born September 21, 2014          pedigree    

female, self red-gold with white feet                  AKC registration  HP49212801

Breeders: Lise Edland & Rickard Sellin, Borscana Borzoi, Enkoping Sweden.              Owners:  Steve Artley & KC Artley

Kris passed away April 23, 2016, at the emergency veterinary clinic from complications of a broken leg.

We miss our beautiful sweet Kris.


Kris came to the United States at 12 weeks of age.  She quickly made herself at home.  12 week old Kris prefers the dog bed in the living room.  She likes big toys and has gathered them on her bed. 

    Kris sharing the bed with Gala

Sometimes it is just too crowded, so Kris goes to her second favorite place, my favorite chair in the family room. (below).

 pictures below, of Kris at 13 weeks, her second week living with us.  A rare sunny winter day, Kris is chasing James and Kyle.

           Kris and Kyle

   Kris with Gala who was visiting us (Windrift Tahoe Celebration)

   Afternoon nap time.

   13 weeks old

    4 months

  4 months old Kris with James

  Kris loves playing with 3 year old James.  7 year old Kyle watches

     4 month sold


Joe joined the family at 10 weeks old.  He and 20 week old Kris became best friends.

              23 weeks old

   25 weeks old

   5 month old Kris with Cassandra

   7 months old Kris needs her own couch

   8 months old

8 months old with Luke (sitting), Joe, and James.  Catalpa trees have dropped their flowers on the grass.

   1 year old

    Best Friends, Joe and Kris, January 2016


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