Patricia Smith

Hebron, Indiana

CH Andvell Cesare Borgia ROM

Sire:  CH Windrift Kindred Spirit ROMX

Dam:   CH Loral's Svetlana

White & gold spotted male.    Born March 21, 1979    pedigree

Breeder & Owner:   Patricia Smith.

Patricia Smith showed and finished CH Loral's Svetlana.  Svetlana was born September 29, 1972 and was bred by Debra & Lorraine Groshans.  Svetlana's first litter was sired by Andvell Ivan The Bellringer, a dog of Sunbarr and Twin Elms breeding (pedigree).  That litter was whelped January 20, 1977 and included Andvell Bells Are Ringing.   Svetlana's second litter was whelped March 21, 1979.  The sire was CH Windrift Kindred Spirit ROMX.  The Spirit x Svetlana litter produced CH Andvell Cesare Borgia ROM and CH Andvell Lucrezia Borgia (owned by Patricia Smith), CH Andvell Pollyanna (who had a litter for Dennis & Andrea Badke's Foxwood kennels), and CH Windrift Shadow (owned by Jon & Nancy Reimer).  CH Windrift Shadow was bred to CH Windrift Afternoon Delight ROM-C in 1982, producing CH Windrift All That Jazz CD (owned by Stephanie Wittenberg) and CH Windrift Aregal Pendragon FCH TT ROM (owned by Carole Pawlasek).  Bred to Windrift Giselle ROM-C in 1985, CH Windrift Shadow sired Windrift Dmon White Russian CD (14 points, 2 majors, owned by Denise Scanlan), CH Windrift Dragonfire (who sired CH Windrift Phantom JC SC, the sire of Tahoe's 1994 litter) and Windrift Affair of the Heart (dam of a litter for Vicson).

CH Loral's Svetlana


CH Andvell Lucrezia Borgia

CH Andvell Lucrezia Borgia was bred to CH Oaklara's Fyodore (CH Oaklara's Bristol Creme x CH Oaklara's Alexis ROM-C)  producing CH Andvell Antique Lace, April 22, 1984.  CH Andvell Antique Lace was bred to Meyta Vicar of Andvell (Can CH Chernenkoff's Tavarish x CH Andvell Sara Borgia), producing CH Andvell Lionheart & Andvell Lady Hawke, January 28, 1991.  Andvell Lady Hawke was bred to CH Regency's Royal Flush, producing a litter of 7 pups March 19, 1994.  The Roy x Lady litter produced Andvell Tahoe Solitaire JC SC (pointed) and Andvell Tahoe Showdown JC (both owned by Steve & KC Artley), CH Andvell Casino Royal Regency (owned by Carla Hoffman and Laura Hyatt), CH Andvell Zack Attack (owned by Ruth Rafacz), and CH Andvell Duel of Twin Elms ROM-C (owned by Suzan Breaz and Sylvia Sohr, Twin Elms).

CH Andvell Cesare Borgia ROM sired 2 litters.  He was bred to his half-sister, Andvell Bells Are Ringing.  She whelped a litter March 21, 1981 producing CH Andvell Sara Borgia and CH Andvell The Grand Sophy.  CH Andvell Sara Borgia produced one litter for her owner Laura Hyatt (Meyta).  The sire was Can CH Chernenkoff's Tavarish.  The Tav x Sara litter was whelped June 24, 1985 and included CH Metta Arabella Of Regency FCH ROMX (the dam of Tahoe's 1989 litter), CH Meyta's Sabaka,  Meyta's Tiffany (dam of CH Meyta Dostoyevski ROMX and CH Meyta's Donya ROMX), and Meyta Vicar of Andvell.   CH Andvell The Grand Sophy was bred to CH Windrift All That Jazz CD, both owned by Stephanie Wittenberg (Regency). The Jazz x Sophy litter produced Ch Regency Beauvallet, who sired a Goldhof litter for his owners, Pauline & Holley Eldred.

The second litter sired by CH Andvell Cesare Borgia ROM was whelped November 13, 1982.  The dam was Backgammon's Jaime of Casino CC CM FCH ROM, and the breeder was Susan Loop Stanley (Backgammon).  That litter produced Tahoe Backgammon Ghost Dance FCH LCM, CH Backgammon's Elsa of Casino CC CM, Backgammon Casino Everett CD FCH CC CM, and CH Tahoe Backgammon Legacy FCH LCM ROM-P (the dam of Tahoe's 1987 litter).

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